DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) allows viewers to watch TV channels with better quality of sound and picture compared to analog television broadcasting. In analog television broadcasting each channel is aired on a separate frequency. In DVB-T one frequency (one multiplex) carries multiple SD or HD  TV channels. Digital terrestrial television is free for the viewers – no fee is due. In order to receive DVB-T signal, viewers need to have either a TV set with an inbuilt DVB-T tuner or a set-top-box. The tuner (set-top-box) must support MPEG-4, H.264 AVC format. MPEG-2 set-top-boxes could not be used for decoding of DVB-T signal in Bulgaria. Most of the countries in Europe and  the world have already switched to digital terrestrial broadcasting or are in a transition period. The transition from analog to digital terrestrial broadcasting in Bulgaria took place in two stages. The first stage had started on 01.03.2013 – digital and analog TV programs were aired simultaneously. On 30.09.2013 all analog TV transmitters were switched off and the terrestrial TV broadcasting in Bulgaria is now digital only. For more information about DVB-T in Bulgaria: national telephone line +359 700 12344 web site:  www.cifrovizacia.bg

NURTS Digital

NURTS Digital JSC is a sister company of NURTS Bulgaria JSC and successor of Towercom Bulgaria JSC. Prior to the change of its name and ownership, Towercom Bulgaria was owned by Towercom Slovakia – successor of Rádiokomunikácie, o.z. Slovak Telekom, a.s – the incumbent tower company in Slovakia. NURTS Digital JSC is licensed to set up and operate two digital terrestrial television networks with national coverage for a 15-year term (Decisions №358 and №359 from 08.04.2009 of the Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission).

Tehchnical specifications of DVB-T in Bulgaria:

– Standard – DVB-T

– Frequency band – UHF


– Guard interval – 1/4

– FEC= 3/4

– Polarization – Vertical

– Video coding – MPEG-4

– Audio coding SD channels – MPEG-1 Layer II

– Audio coding HD channels – HE AAC

Coverage map digital terrestrial television: